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Desperate Electric “Right Next To Me”

Montana’s Desperate Electric sweep the listener press up against their heart and soul in “Right Next To Me”. Big sounds, big voices and a sky full of quirky beats and fresh vibes, Desperate Electric is a duo ready to pounce onto the national music scene. “Right Next To Me” is an eclectic summer song to blare in the car, driving 75 miles an hour down the highway.

Desperate Electric is singer and bass player Kaytie Korte and multi-instrumentalist and “beat professor”, Ben Morris. The two forged ahead after first starting as a four-piece rock group called DASH. The 50% loss is a gain. The synergy between the two is incredible and the dissonance in “Right Next To Me” keeps the listener engaged and ready for whatever sound is thrown at them next.

Right out of the gate, the lyrical story starts. “My mind is miles and miles away in our history, I’m wondering if you’re missing me…I’m wondering if you’re missing me,” Korte sings. I liked the get to the point right away writing style. Who hasn’t  taken a trip down Facebook or memory lane wondering if their ex is thinking about them? Korte has rich vocals, a burgundy velvet sound. When her voice meshes with Morris’ deep vocals, the layer they create underneath the veil of the chorus “right next to me, right next to me” is like a gong to the gut. For that split second on each chorus repeat, his baritone voice brings a unique character to the storyline. There’s a fury in his voice, a burliness to his demeanor. Maybe it’s the Bozeman brute special icing. Combined with Korte’s funky elegance, his timbre and hers are trendsetting.

The instrumentation in “Right Next To Me” goes from low key, sort of laid back and Americana arrangement, to a mix match of electronica and as noted above, the beat professor’s class is in session. Morris’ beats are original and go from 80s sounding to a modern video game soundtrack. Fuzz tone guitars and a generous mix of percussion – the sounds are a blasting. The listener feels like they are on a moving sidewalk. There’s a sense of movement and the song just keeps pressing forward and builds up each energy pack. The motion is circular and you feel like you’re on a merry-go-round of joy and John Waters is directing your personal biopic. When the ride stops it’s smiles all around. And yet you still keep humming “right next to me, right next to me.”

Overall “Right Next To Me” gets lots of kudos. I think fans of pop music, as well as EDM will dig this track. It’s the right time for a band like Desperate Electric. The upbeat sound and positive vibe is a great reminder that back in the day, you know when we could be right next to someone, that the spark between bodies and chemistry is really special. That same glimmer and charm can be found in Desperate Electric’s “Right Next To Me”.

John McCall

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