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Devinn Le’Raay drops 2 New Singles/Videos

While Devinn Le’Raay isn’t hesitant in proving his willingness to be vulnerable in the lyrics of his single “Still Luv Me?,” there’s a lot more to the accessibility of this track and music video than sweet poeticisms alone. Here, Le’Raay will utilize everything from the beat to the mild bassline adorning it in creating a mood for the listener, and though his technique is partly influenced by some of the giants in R&B to have come before him, he nevertheless uses it to produce a very original sonic profile in this single and its counterpart, “Gas U Up.”

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The video for “Gas U Up” is perhaps the best example of this artist’s rebellious attitude when it comes to the use of unnecessary props. Le’Raay isn’t wasting our time with a lot of filler in these shots, but instead constantly using the imagery to bring us back into the grasp of the music. It’s a video unblemished by a player’s desire to be commercially appealing, which, ironically enough, will probably make it a bit of a hit with listeners extending beyond the song’s original target audience. You can’t scoff at the indie approach he’s taking to his career – after all, it’s the sort of approach that comes in short supply these days.

Both “Still Luv Me?” and “Gas U Up” put a lot of emphasis on the lead vocal, forcing it to carry the majority of the sonic weight in the mix even amidst otherwise heavy elements like the bass and synthetic percussion. It isn’t a problem for Devinn Le’Raay, but only because of his specific skillset as it applies to R&B material. This style of producing isn’t something I would recommend any of his contemporaries attempt to use for themselves, but for who it’s been designed around, it lends a startling amount of muscle to the big picture.

I really like the steady groove featured in “Gas U Up,” and while it comes close to stealing some of the attention away from our singer’s crooning, it also stands as a testament to what he can withstand as a vocalist. Le’Raay is getting hit with everything in these two songs, but rather than shrinking from rhythmic throw-down, he forms his voice to equal the intensity of his surroundings. This is something that propelled the likes of Peabo Bryson and Nate Dogg into superstardom in their own eras, and could definitely do the same for this musician if allowed to properly mature.

If you haven’t already been listening to Devinn Le’Raay’s music, “Still Luv Me?” and “Gas U Up” together make for an amazing introduction to his style. He’s still situating himself within the hierarchy of his scene, but if I were him, I would keep the throbbing beats and enrapturing harmonies coming. The momentum these songs and their videos have the potential of setting off is too great to be ignored, and if there was ever a time to break into a weakened R&B establishment, autumn of 2020 is starting to feel like it.

John McCall

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