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Dial 1-800-RUDEBOY for”Showtime”

If you have the vision and a strong work ethic, you cannot let anyone railroad you in, or box you in, or pigeonhole you in any sort of role as if it was all you’re good for. Stepping up to a challenging evolution and following through to new and different avenues of work and creativity is rarely a smooth process, but it is often the case, that the many roadblocks and weights you carry along the way are, in fact, nothing but self-imposed doubts trying to keep you in your comfort zone.

When 1-800-RUDEBOY said he wanted to move onto writing and singing his own songs, rather than acting just as a beatmaker for others, there was a pushback from the very lable he was under. “You’re a beat maker, not a vocalist. Stick to that.” they said. But of course, as it happens, the opinions of others are not nearly as strong as the opinions you manufacture in your own head about yourself and your abilities. “This song is me taking charge,” Says RUDEBOY “…extinguishing any doubt, and telling the world that I’m a one-man band, ready to run the circus and tame the lions,” he adds further. There’s no stopping him now, he’s a man on a mission.


The multi-faceted L.A. Native is making a debut as a truer self after spending a long time producing major tracks for the EDM scene since he discovered his love for it at age 14. His work has been dropped in mainstage sets by the likes of Jauz, Alison Wonderland, Zeds Dead, The Chainsmokers, Illenium, Louis The Child, Ekali, and featured on Trap Nation, Triple J, BBC Radio 1, and Major Lazer’s radio stations.  So it’s indisputable fact that the man we now know as 1-800-RUDEBOY is a bonafide DJ and producer whose musical instincts and refined talent have already given him the notoriety and credibility he certainly deserves; even so, he’s far from satisfied, and now he’s going to irrevocably prove to the world that he has the lyrical and vocal chops necessary to take his own electronic production to the next level.

With a blend of dreamy-yet-groovy EDM production, strong flavors of Pop, R&B, and catchy Hip-Hop bars is how you will find “Showtime” exploding all over your ears with its textured and sparkly sound.



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