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DIEMONDS – Get your dose of rock’n’roll with “OUR SONG”

Groovy, bar friendly rock with hard hittin’ riffs! What’s not to love?

I’m just gonna warn you right now, this song is the kind that gets stuck in your head in the worst kind of way. But then again, nothing is stopping you from playing it again, so… who cares? Diemonds jump right into the deep end with “Our Song”, a track full of fast guitars, groovy bass lines and catchy choruses.  Vocalist Priya Panda sets up a furious pace with her lyrics, and overall the track fits in to any fast rock’n’roll scene on TV or on a movie. With this kinda music, there’s only two outcomes: or the hero gets the girl… or a massive fight breaks out. Being a rocker myself, I’m kinda ok with both. Sue me, I’ll go to court listening to Diemonds on the earbuds.

Putting the dive bar spirit aside for a moment, Diemonds manages to put out a dynamic and full sounded single with “Our Song”, with nothing really lacking in the track, including a quick solo and a couple of fun hooks. Written by the powerfully charismatic front woman Priya Panda, “Our Song” and the rest of the album was recorded at Toronto’s Vespa studios, with Eric Ratz (Danko Jones / The Lazys / Monster Truck) taking the production and mixing reigns. Engineered by Ryan Jones (A.N.S. / Star Fucking Hipsters), and mastered by Harry Hess (Lights / The Glorious Sons) – the new album weaves together raw rock sounds and eclectic, ear-wormy choruses.

Along with the single, Diemonds also presents a music video in the classic Rock/punk style of the band playing in the desert. After a little thought, I decided that this decision was probably the best way to go, since the kind of music that “Our Song” is doesn’t go well with a more complex video production.

Let’s check it out now!!

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