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Dirty Ghosts – Let It Pretend

Allyson Baker’s outfit, Dirty Ghosts, is nothing but exceptional. The upcoming sophomore album ‘Let It Pretend’ displays a hue of her many talents as a songwriter while she experiments with different post-punk melodies and song arrangements. The variety of sounds and melodies on the track list leave the listener wishing the album to never end.  The minimal and organic use of recording—not too overproduced—presents the true nature behind its likeability; downright good song writing.

Coupled with the intravenous bass lines of Erin McDermott—pulsing through each song—and the stuttering and tribal drumming of part-time hire turned full time, Tony Sevener, ‘Let It Pretend’ never disappoints. Though the use of simple metaphors may seem cliché, a look into Baker’s past reveals the essence behind their inspiration. Dirty Ghosts’ freshman album, Metal Moon was carefully constructed with the help of former husband Ian Bavitz (aka Aesop Rock, Rapper and longtime Hip Hop producer). In the aftermath of the breakup with Bavitz, Baker yielded most of the new album’s material by herself. Her collaborative efforts with Bay Area musician and producer Phil Manley substantiate a robustness and wholeness to the building blocks of this new album.

Standout tracks include ‘Cataract’ and ‘Quicksand Castle’. My suggestion, if you have the time, is to press play and let this album ride.

Author: Santi Sanz | @santivity

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