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Disasteradio – “Sweatshop” takes us right into the TV

As the title says, “Sweatshop” is so synthy and upbeat that you’d think you’ve fallen into some early 90s cartoon or teenage TV show. This is a good thing, trust me. Disasteradio throws some heavy effects on the vocals and a variety of electronic sounds make up for the most of the track, over a fast paced drum machine beat. The lyrics have some modern mentions, such as the word “selfie” and “millennials”  tossed around in there, but overall this track is a quick hop back in time to about 20 years ago.

Founded in Y2K, Disasteradio is a fast / fun synthpop project by New Zealand solo performer and bedroom recordist Luke Rowell. Aside from Disasteradio, Luke also has several other projects, touching genres such as vapowave and chiptune. Playing high-energy live electronics, keyboards and vocoders, Rowell has played over 400 shows across 22 countries – in malls in small-town China, on boats in Lake Geneva, ski-fields in Austria, squats in Slovenia and The Netherlands, and art galleries and house parties across the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself!!

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