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Dizzy Box Nine is back with new Single/LP

With a band name like Dizzy Box Nine, one imagines a shake-it-up sort of sound. One that keeps you on your toes and throws you for a loop. That might be the case and taking a cue from The Cars’ “Shake It Up”, Los Angeles’ Dizzy Box Nine keep rock looking straight ahead in the new single “Deep Inside Your Mind” from the trio’s third release Faster Than Anticipation.

Leading the way and the vocals for Dizzy Box Nine is Randy Ludwig. He also takes on guitar and bass guitar. Joining him are Tony Robles on guitar and Ryan Gio on drums. A tight rhythm section has served them well since 2016. They debuted Electric Illusion in 2017, and Pop Fantasy in 2019. Much of the sound in “Deep Inside Your Mind” centers around the crushing guitar and drums. Ludwig’s bass is extremely subtle – the true tale of a fine bass guitarist. Calling to mind, too, the trio power pop of bands like The Police, Green Day and Nirvana, Dizzy Box Nine have created a solid sonic imprint.

BUY THE LP: http://www.dizzyboxnine.com/store/p3/Dizzy_Box_Nine%3A__Faster_Than_Anticipation_%28CD%29.html

What I liked most about the tone and the lyrics in “Deep Inside Your Mind” is that it’s not, well, it’s not too deep. The depth the song does go is much like a great pop song like The Cars or even the band’s noted influence The Ramones. Dizzy Box Nine can ring that bell – the guitar harmony is something slick. “Let me show, show you,” Ludwig sings, his voice the example of a true front man. The mood is light, but something ominous is happening, something that the lyrics will present themselves. He wants to change her mind, he wants to find out why she’s like she is. “Don’t you stand so close, I want you the most,” he sings. Is he trying to meet someone halfway? Is he chasing something he can’t get? The song seems to leave it open to interpretation.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63qBAmpusUQ

That’s where the guitar and the drums kick open the conversation. In a great pop rock expansion, “Deep Inside Your Mind” is a sponge of The Cars’ New Wave sound and that urgency and almost primitive sound from just three guys right off the floor. It’s a nervous energy that is just so easy to soak up. The guitars take the listener through a spacious and melodic journey. The drums are tight, hitting a few rims here and there and keeping time like it’s no big deal. While the song includes “mind” in its title, the idea of creating a cerebral rock track doesn’t seem to mesh on the surface. But they find a way to pull it off. This song, like all great pop rock songs, seems effortless and has a timeless element to it. It flows that cavern of the soul that shows itself to a lucky few. “Deep Inside Your Mind” has a solid foundation and deserves a heavy rotation. Spin this song.

John McCall

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