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Drab Habit – “Epic”

There’s something beautiful and heroic about the violin, especially when heard in a track like “Epic.” It softens the almost ominous bassline and stabbing guitar riffs, with the echoed rim-shots giving this gesture a cinematic feel. It surely lives up to its title.

Drab Habit is a solo project by Irish, London-based multi-instrumentalist David Qadir. “Epic” is also the title-track for his debut EP released December of last year — a small but impactful assortment of unearthed personal compositions, each with its own character. “Epic” can very well be enjoyed on its own, but it sounds even better in its context. In “Hiding In Plain Sight,” the guitar melody reigns supreme, while in “Histrionics” we’re introduced to a hypnotic piano sequence (this one is my favorite).

“I have a wide range of musical influences and I think that’s reflected on Epic. While I imagined each to be a soundtrack of sorts, each has a rather different feel, ranging from classic guitar rock to modern, heavy, almost orchestral rock.” – David Qadir

You can check out the EP here.


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