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Drinker presents “Fake It”

New York and L.A. based duo Drinker brings us “Fake It”,  a slow, dark, heartfelt track about keeping honest to oneself lest you loose yourself. The song is a reflection on a journey, of the fine line between giving the people what they want and following your heart. The track starts out real dark, with ominous sounding synths and bass in the background, with a single vocalist. The track progresses, adding another vocalist, and slowly getting more upbeat as the minutes pass. But not too upbeat. It is dark all the way through. But… a little more upbeat.

Drinker is the recording project of singer/songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer/composer Ariel Loh. They started working together in the fall of 2016, shortly after they left their former bands. The ambient, analog soundscapes felt like the perfect atmosphere for the songs Aaron was writing. A point was made to explore minimal arrangements while pushing the music into different territories, all the while embracing the unexpected.

Drinker’s forthcoming “Happy Accident” EP was the result of 2 months of collaborating in Bushwick, Brooklyn and Astoria, Queens and will be released on August 11th, so keep your ears open for it!

Check out “Fake it” and more here!

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