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Dynamyte’s Drops New Single “I Don’t Like You”

Where do you possibly go after spending your childhood as half of a pop duo that you formed with your brother, which led you to open for a slew of household names including Mitchell Musso, Christina Perri, David Archuleta, and Ariana Grande? For “newcomer” Dynamyte, the answer was almost too-obviously a solo career (after a brief pursuit of appropriately majoring in sociology at Brown University.) Coming from spending a decade in a pop duo certainly had its benefits for Dynamyte.

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Polishing a sound all their own within a growing landscape within the modern pop genre, it was only a matter of time before the two tried to go at things on their own, and after hearing Dynamyte’s latest single “I Don’t Like You,” it was the perfect choice to make. While she could have easily spent the quarantine patiently twiddling her thumbs, Dynamyte instead spent 2020 succeeding in the face of a massive global crisis that came in the form of a pandemic — bursting out of the gate with an explosive speed that truly lives up to her namesake, she debuted with the single “Show Me You.” The song quickly amassed Dynamyte a total of 400,000 YouTube views and almost half a million Spotify streams, and it wasn’t long until follow-up singles came in the form of “Flattery,” “Something’s Off,” “Headspace,” and “Pride.”

“Show Me You” flexed Dynamyte’s college education in a way that was meant to comment on social media’s toxic grasp; ironically, it instead helped the artist gain 42,000 followers, on Instagram and 59,000 on TikTok (with astonishing million-plus likes.) Her most recent single “I Don’t Like You” feels almost feels like a response to this double-edged phenomenon, and serves as the singer-songwriter’s first release of 2021; the track is an impressive statement that further continues Dynamyte’s steady rise to pop stardom and features lyrics that, while pointedly about a nasty ex, still, leave one wondering if it might speak deeper towards her newfound fame as Dynamyte’s sociology degree never feels too far from her high-brow lyrical style.

“I Don’t Like You” feels like a newly-discovered early Amy Winehouse rarity with its sarcastic lyrics and blues riffs. Unsurprisingly, her bio cites that “Dynamyte developed her Amy Winehouse-tinged vibe at age 13 after working with a producer who caught a certain natural raspy tone when she sang certain notes.” However, the surprising thing is how well Dynamyte can pay homage to the late Winehouse while 1) not fumbling the bag and 2) making it her own while further still giving tribute to a major influence. It is a near-impossible task, but it’s pulled off marvelously. The balance between old and new, original spark, and tasteful flattery is something to behold as an artist so new to the game can never stumble within the refined sound she’s made for herself. It’s a confident statement but one I feel sound in declaring: Dynamyte is an incredible new voice well worth listening to, and her career is simply and appropriately bound to explode.

John McCall

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