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Eliza May’s “I’m Coming Home” 

Constructed like a conventional indie pop tune (if there ever was such a thing) but adorned with an intimacy courtesy of its lyrical content wholly uncommon on either side of the dial nowadays, Eliza May’s “I’m Coming Home” slams us with a heady groove right out of the gate and doesn’t stop charming us with its brawn for the better part of three minutes. May might not seem the part on paper, but she’s an outright beast in this performance capable of shredding through anything in her path. She’s in complete control of her creative capacities here, and for what I want in a pop singer, she’s nailing the persona with ease.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/djelizamay

This is definitely a vocal-centric single, but I don’t think this is such a bad thing within the context of May’s catalogue in general. Actually, the fact that this isn’t lacking in compositional wit puts her a level about some of her less than erudite contemporaries out of the American and British undergrounds in 2020 – she’s multidimensional here, binding emotionality to a catchy hook like she was born to do it. You can’t teach studio comfortability, and whether you knew this before or not, this young woman is destined to remind you via “I’m Coming Home” this December.

Listeners who haven’t already been listening to Eliza May need to get into her work the next time they’re surfing streams and the international indie market for new beats, as those in her latest single are definitely among my favorites of the year. “I’m Coming Home” isn’t the only good pop track I’ve heard in the past month, but if you’re looking for talent, skill and charisma, May just might be one of the only true-blue ‘full package’ type players you’re going to come across before 2020 has come to an end.

John McCall

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