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Little Idiot - Elohim

For your weekend exploits: Elohim – “Little Idiot”

It’s often the case for artists to be introverted and anxious, often making the notion of even sharing a song with a single person a whole ordeal that requires a lot of preparation. It’s also common for these artists to use their music as a therapeutic experience where they can work out their issues and gain the confidence and self-esteem that they need to grow as human beings and performers. Today we have one such artist to show you.

Elohim is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, DJ, and producer based in Los Angeles, and she’s been making music from a very young age. The Classically-trained pianist was introduced to more electronically-inclined music in her teens and her love affair with EDM has only grown ever since, to the point where she became a collaborator of exponents of the genre like Skrillex, Flux Pavillion, and Marshmello. Since 2018 he’s even played shows at Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Coachella, and many more.

Though her reputation and credentials are significant, she’s still growing and making leaps across mainstream outlets and audiences, quickly gaining a huge following of fans taken in by the soul-baring of her lyrics as well as the textures and overall quality of her productions. One of her previous releases “Strut” featuring the legendary New Orleans bounce rapper Big Freedia was hailed by MTV as “An instant classic”. Recently, Elohim has released “little Idiot”, a song in which she owns up to her failings and mistakes, coming face to face with the role she played in a broken friendship. The track comes in the wake of a string of similarly self-reflective and honest songs woven together in a long-running project under the name “Journey to the Center of Myself”.

Elohim’s “Journey” will span a total of four volumes once completed, and it is as cathartic as it is engaging. The four-part project began as a single LP but it was quickly transformed amidst the chaos of the pandemic into something much greater, taking a therapeutic quality for her and those who can relate to her struggles with anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and more.
Do not sleep on “little Idiot” and above all, do not sleep on Elohim, she’s making all the right kinds of waves.




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