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Eons releases video for “All the Time”

After the release of their EP Serene Machine, which catapulted Eons to the ranks of dream-pop/chillwave with a sounddescribed by the Huffington Post  as “one of the hottest things popping musically in Miami,” the duo shares their music video for the single “All the Time” directed by Valentina Isis.

“This video represents how our lives should be 100% of our existence, doing whatever makes you happy all the time. Doing constantly whatever you want, whether it be spending time with friends, going out partying, living life to the fullest. “  Says Johnny D, vocals, guitar, and keyboards of the band.

Similar to the EP Serene Machine, released in October 2015,  “All the Time” exudes a plethora of nostalgic 80’s homages and lush soundscapes along with ethereal vocals and pulsating synthesizers.

This is the band’s third music video for the EP Serene Machinewhich saw the synth-pop duo release the previous music video “Like a Dream,” subsequently garnering thousands of views.

Watch “All the Time”

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