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Esbie Fonte

Esbie Fonte shares her single “Manumit”

Last month we reviewed Esbie’s track “Ace’s High.” Now we are excited to bring you “Manumit.” Fonte talks about the single “Manumit was written in self doubt, extreme anxiety, and fear. The writing is a breakdown of mental clarity, unleashing all my demons, it’s also somewhat of a reflection of feeling like I couldn’t trust myself with someone’s heart, while ironically being afraid of losing them.”

I promised innocence / I promised I’d be different / But I curse the same / I have my last name” sings Fonte, making clear that we as humans sometimes push ourselves to try to be something that we are not. My positive interpretation of the song is about being able to be comfortable in your own skin and accept the decisions you made.

Originally from San Francisco Esbie relocated to Los Angeles to pursue music more seriously. A couple bouts of window-shopping at Guitar Center led her to test her own music on a series of studio monitors, which attracted the ear of her now-collaborator and other half of Esbie Fonte, Peter Tilley. Together they have taken her bedroom production efforts to new heights and forged a truly standalone sound.

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