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Thy Art Is Murder and Dying Fetus are coming to lay waste to Miami!

TAIM+DF tour flyer

TAIM+DF tour flyer

Florida is well knows to be the birthplace of America Death Metal, and many of the bands that have popped out of this unforgiving swamp of a state have torn across the world with such a brutal sound that they’ve spawned legions of followers. And these followers played death metal too. And so on… Fast forward 20-something years, to 2018, and tho of the biggest names in Death Metal here in the state are arriving in the Magic City to tear out or eardrums and reduce our bones to dust.

Thy Art Is Murder and Dying Fetus are coming to town, with support of Enterprise Earth, Rivers Of Nihil and Sanction. For those that don’t know these bands, we’re talking Death and Technical Death Metal galore! Personal recommendation: If you want to hear anything in the next few days after this show, wear ear plugs. It’s gonna get loud. The Ground is a venue that takes its sound very seriously, so be warned, or hyped, or both. The address is 34 NE 11th Street, Miami. Pick up tickets here, to avoid box office lines or sell outs.

Let’s cover the lineup a little:

Thy Art Is Murder is a band that has be soaring in popularity lately, with lots of airtime on radios and features on playlists, and that I am personally really looking forward to see personally and check if the hype is real. I know it is, but I want to see… Their latest release, in 2017, is called Dear Desolation

Dying Fetus have been consistently one of the most brutal, crushing, technical, insane bands America or the rest of the world has ever witnessed. ’nuff said. Their latest release, in 2017, is called  Wrong One To Fuck With 

Enterprise Earth is fast, heavy as all hell, and is one of the very few bands that I like that have dual vocalists that take turns like they do. It works and I like it! Their latest release, in 2018, is called Only hell Will Embrace The Damned

Rivers Of Nihil is one of those bands that are good. Plain damn awesome. Superb musicianship, great songwriting, and brutal metal. And they also have no fear in throwing nonconventional instruments (for death metal) into the mix, such as the saxophone, which works amazingly. Their latest release, in 2018, is called Where Owls Know My Name

Sanction is probably the most diferent sounding band on this list/lineup, being a lot more along the lines of hardcore/metalcore than the others. Get ready for moshpits in Sanction’s set, this is the kind of music to get nuts to. Their latest release, in 2018, is called The Infringement Of God’s Plan


I’ll see you in the pit!


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