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Exclusive 2021 Interview with Kendra and the Bunnies

Hi Kendra & The Bunnies! Thanks for being here today!

We are playing this or that, let’s get started! 

City or nature? 

City living, nature loving.

Plane or train? 

“I’m leaving on a jet plane…”

Art or history? 

Exploring the past through historic pieces of art and writing.

Oftentimes, for the realest story, we’ve got to go back to the creative source.

Plan it or wing it? 

Plan and rehearse as much as possible, then go out there and wing it.

The magicK happens where practice meets performance.

Netflix or Hulu? 

Hulu for episodic sit-coms and comedy.

Netflix for cinematic TV shows and random documentaries.

Movie or book? 

Books! I just picked up a bunch of classic English-lit books from my local shop yesterday!

Pancakes or waffles? 

Chocolate chip or whole-wheat waffles at home.

Buttermilk or blueberry pancakes at the diner.

Resolutions or goals? 

Goals!! This gives us the ability to adjust as we go and achieve as much as possible at a time!

Write songs or record songs? 

Wow. Both are so special. The experience of writing songs is everything to me, and recording songs is unique in the way it brings me into almost an out-of-body experiential space.

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Thank you for your time!

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End of Interview

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