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Exclusive Interview: Cassandra Jewel

Cassandra Jewel is passion personified.  Learn more about this talented artist who is breaking the rules with her refreshingly raw take on LIFE, Love and Social Media. 
Hi Cassandra, what can you share with our readers about your upcoming new single?

Oh man, my upcoming single is one that I am absolutely most passionate about at this time. The song is called “Hymn” because it is a prayer, It is a cry, and also a true story. It brings light to the negative affects of social media and how it has transformed the human psyche whether we are aware of it or not. It is incredibly dear to my heart because I wrote this song from a very raw and true place. It talks about how we seek validation from the outside when it really should be within ourselves and that we compare our lives to others. Not only we, but me; I do it too. I needed to write this song because so much of my depression has been triggered from social media and honestly that is my doing. I am responsible for my actions and what I choose to look at, see and THINK. We are in control of our perception. What do you choose to see and focus on?

Who have been your greatest musical influences? 

Recently, Erykah Badu, 6LACK, Creed, Sevdaliza, Flume, Qveen Herby, H.E.R. (Just a few)

What do you see as your greatest musical asset?

Songwriting and the freedom of my expression with that. When I began writing music, I healed in a way that I don’t even think I knew I needed at the time. I began to write, speak and express my truth without judgement. That is power my man. That is stepping into your power. Through this process I found my voice-literally the way I express myself vocally and freely. So both go hand and hand for me.

Favorite song of 2019 so far?  Yours?  And Not Yours?

My Favorite song of 2019 from mine is Battle. That song is like my theme song.

Also, Mint by Qveen Herby. If there is one artist that gets me in the boss energy I need everyday.. it’s her.

If you had a super power what would it be and why? 

If I had a superpower, It would be to teleport. There are so many places I want to go to and people I want to spend time with who are so far away. If I could teleport I’d be able to get there and back real fast wouldn’t I.

2020 Plans so far?

 I will be releasing my EP and connecting in person with all of you beautiful people.

How can our readers support your music on line and IRL? 

All my music is on my youtube channel or digital platforms:





End of Interview

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