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Exclusive Interview with Brett Pruneau

Welcome, Brett! It’s great to have you here! Congrats on the new EP release. Tell us what it has been like to get this music out in the world?

Hi there, Great to get to chat with you! Thank you so much, my new EP ‘The Real Thing’ just came out and the process has been very rewarding. I’ve really used it as a lifeline throughout the COVID Pandemic. I needed a creative outlet, so as soon as things started getting really bad in March I immediately called up my producer and longtime friend Brian McGrane to start work on this collection of songs. It’s crazy to think that here we are 8 months later and I can actually hold it in my hands.

If you could collaborate with any artist this year, who would it be?

Oh man, I think it would have to be Sara Bareilles. She is such an inspiration to me… not only is she just an outstanding vocal technician, she just has this uncanny gift to capture emotion in her melodies and lyrics. It’s always something unique and just blows me away- she always has something important to say.

I’m also a big fan of ‘Aurora’ from Norway… the clarity in her voice is astounding and I think we could sounds really lovely together. She’s like a magical little music fairy 🙂

and it goes without saying that perhaps my biggest dream in life would be to share a moment on the mic with Celine Dion… she’s been my ‘diva’ since I was a very small boy.

I know this maybe an impossible question BUT if you had to pick – what is your favorite song on the EP and why?

I think my favorite track on the EP is a song called ‘Sun and Moon’ – I think it is a really solid representation of who i am as an artist and has some huge soaring moments, which I just really love to get to sing. I also loved playing with layered harmonies on that particular track.

What inspires your music?

I tend to gravitate towards very emotional and moving music… So I think if I can immediately find some ‘heart’ in a song, it’s already grabbed me…. I really like things that are honest and genuine. It’s so important.

When you write new music – do you write the lyrics first? What is your process like?

You know, I’m actually not much of a writer…. I do better i a co-writing situation, but I definitely consider myself to be more of an ‘interpreter’ of music. I think one of the biggest gifts you can be given is the opportunity to interpret a piece of music from someone. It’s really thrilling and tends to be my preference.

Where can people listen to your music and connect with you on social media?

‘The Real Thing’ is available on all major music platforms (iTunes, Spotify, etc…) as well as through my website brettpruneaumusic.com. And I’m available on Facebook at ‘Brett Pruneau’ and Instagram at @brettpruneau. I love to interact with my followers, so I’ll definitely look forward to connecting with folks there!

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