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Exclusive Interview with CLO

CLO is the future of Los Angeles and a young starlet on the rise.  A beautiful voice, new music, platinum producer and BIG moves have this San Francisco native creating the local BUZZ in LALA LAND…

Hi Clo!  How would you describe your genre of music? 

Hello! I don’t like putting my music into a specific genre box, but if I had too, it would be pop.

Where are you from and where do you live now? 

I am from The Bay Area, but currently reside in Los Angeles. California girl born and raised 🙂

When did you start singing and creating music? 

I’ve been involved with music since I can remember. It has always been my number one passion. When I moved to LA, I got signed at Live Nation to work with Grammy nominated producer, Warren Huart. That is when I really started creating my own music, and starting my journey.

When did you know you would become a professional singer? 

I started making music because I felt I had a lot to say… Emotions and situations that I felt others could relate to. I always knew music would be my career, and it feels so good to see it all in motion.

What would you like the world to know about your music and your writing? 

I want people to know that strength and self love lies within you. My songs are about empowering yourself, but having fun. I always say, don’t take life too seriously… Life is about having fun and being your best self.

Tell us about your music and your lyrics!

I would say that my music is pretty unique. I have beautiful instrumentals with an old school vibe. I really touch into the modern relationship with others, but most importantly with yourself.

Anything you would like to share with your fans out there? 

To my listeners! My record will be dropping soon… I am so proud of this project and can’t wait to share this treasure with the world.

Social Media…

My Instagram is @ChloeUicker

My Website is www.clo-sings.com

My Facebook is @clowillsing

My Twitter is @themusicofclo

End on Interview

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