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Exclusive Interview with ELA

ELA’s new single Light It Up is gonna be burning up your summer days.   We stole some Q&A time with the Austin artist to find out more about the song and the production process.

Hey Ela, thank you for joining us.  What’s the most exciting part of releasing new music? 

The most exciting part of releasing new music is creating a new universe. There is a thrill in revealing a new piece of yourself and how it connects with your fans is almost unidentifiable.  It is an incredible feeling!

Tell us the meanings behind the lyrics.

Light it up lyrics are all about what lights you up inside. What makes YOU shine! Whether it’s wrong or right, doesn’t matter. It’s what makes you feel good, powerful and empowered!

How long were you in the writing and recording mode with this new project? 

Something like 9 hours, I think. This song just fell out while we were in the studio and it all came together in one day. It started with the falsetto line in the chorus “Light it up” and we went from there! My co-writer and engineer Matt Parmenter picked up the vibe immediately and started laying down tracks. It is so thrilling when it comes that fast. It’s not always that way.

Were you an integral part in the production process as well?  

I am present while creating all parts of my songs minus some mixing and mastering, which Matt is on point with. We’re pretty in sync with most music and he pushes me to be better and I think we’re creating some exciting new music together!

Will your long-term fans be in for any surprises with your next releases? 

My fans might be taken aback a little bit with this edgy new Country Disco style, but I think they will dig it! It’s a transformation for me and the next evolution from Suck it Up Buttercup, which has been my biggest single so far. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think this vibe is going to speak to a wider audience and connect with people around the globe. We are going to see some major shifts in touring and people wanting more!

Touring plans to support the new music? 

There are plans in the works, but I’m not at liberty to share just yet!

Where can we find you on line? 

My new website is ElaShines.com.



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