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Exclusive Interview with Joey Stuckey

Joey Stuckey is will and dedication personified.  Known as the Blind artist with an Insightful Vision, Joey’s life is all about intention.  Well, we should say music and intention.  Check out his new album and the power of music to change lives!!

Where are you from and where are you located now?

I was born in Green Cove Springs, Florida, and lived in Jacksonville, Florida, for a while and also spent a lot of time in St. Augustine, Florida, during the summers.

But I became what I think of as a sentient being in Macon, Georgia, where I still live and work and serve as the official music ambassador.

Macon is a true music city as we are the home of incredible musicians like Otis Redding, The Allman Brothers, Little Richard, Jason Aldean, Wet Willie and many more!

What kind of music do you make?

LOL, that is the $64,000  question isn’t it:-) As a full time producer, I am behind the wheel of multiple genres and I love it. With my clients, I am able to assist them to find their artistic voice and help them establish a brand.

For myself, it gets a little more complicated. I love music and don’t believe in musical boundaries. However, you do have to figure out who your target audience is and how to reach those folks. So, I write what I write and just express myself however I wish, but I carefully brand each album.

My most successful album to date, “Mixture”, which reached #9 on the CMJ Top 40 jazz charts in 2013 was an eclectic mix of jazz, from smooth to bebop. My current album, “In The Shadow Of The Sun”,  is what we are calling “Progressive Americana” and has a heavy blues influence as did my previous 2016 release “Six String Soldier”.

How long have you been making music?

Why did you start making music and when did you decide you wanted to make it a career?

(combined answer for the 2 questions above)

I was a very sick child as the result of a brain tumor. The tumor took my eye sight and provided me with a host of opportunities to overcome physical challenges which I still fight daily. So when I was 13, I heard old time radio shows and thought “I could make those sound effects for radio, TV and film”, and the sound engineer in me was born.

It wasn’t until around 17 when I first recorded a local band in my home studio and heard that first local original song that I knew that music was how I wanted to share my life and story with the world. I have never had another job that wasn’t audio or music related since age 15.

I moved to Macon at 15 and got my first job at the local planetarium and that is how the local music community learned that I had some very primitive recording gear. So, I started getting paid to work with sound at age 15 and started playing music around 17 and by 19 I had my own band and a real studio space in a downtown building.

I am now 40-ish and still doing what I love!

What do you want people to know about your music?

I believe in the power of music to change lives! I think it is an art form that has no boundaries and is the closest thing to the language of the angles that mere mortals will ever know.

My only real desire is to leave the world a little better than I found it and I am content to do so one song and one person at a time.

I believe in working hard and being an expert and true craftsman at whatever you do. For me, that is music so there is a lot of blood, sweat and tears in every note we record or perform.

My show is about 70% music and about 30% comedy and I haven’t had a show yet where a music enthusiast has left disappointed.

My music is also eclectic and full of what I call “sassitude” and usually has a lyrical content that is somewhat sarcastic, but also truly reflective.

Most of all, even if you don’t like what I do—and no ones music or art is for everyone—I think you can at least respect the obvious effort that I put into every note.

What do you feel makes you unique?

Interesting question. We are all unique and I am unique by virtue of not being someone else:-). Mostly I think it is that I am unafraid of being myself. I love meeting new people and going new places and finding out more about this amazing world every day. I love to learn and will learn until I shuffle off this mortal coil:-) I work hard and am highly educated, but I also know I can and should be able to learn from anyone no matter where they are in their journey.

I think the most apparent thing that makes me unique is that I live my life openly on stage and am the same person from dusk til dawn on or off stage and I work hard to be the best person and artist I can be, while at the same time giving myself grace to know that perfection isn’t something I will ever achieve, while still pursuing that goal because it is the journey that is the real prize!

Final Message To Fans:

Thanks for taking time to listen to me wax philosophical:-) Please do sign up for our newsletter in the fan zone at www.joeystuckey.com. We have a lot of free music for you there and you will be able to keep up with all my live shows and more.

If you can, come see us play a live show, we promise to entertain, whatever it takes, including, but not limited to auctioning the drummer off for a romantic evening:-)

Most of all, thanks for your support, without music fans the band and I wouldn’t be able to do what we love!

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