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Exclusive Interview with Jordan Massey

Jordan!! Thank you for talking with us! Tell us what do you have going on right now with your music that you can share about!?

Always for you guys!! Haha thanks for having me and right now on music I’m preparing to start writing and creating the setting for my debut album which is really exciting! I’m also preparing to promote “Heartless” and have plenty of performances lined up for the upcoming year as well as new visuals!!

What is the most memorable time you’ve spent this past year with your music? 

The most was recording  “heartless (nsa)” and people from other studio sessions busting in and was like “WHO IS THAT!???” It was hilarious and just a great reception for the final track!!

How are you planning to spend your new years?

I plan on resting and spending time with family since I’m traveling so much, so this time I’m just using these special moments and holidays with those I love!

Are you excited for 2021 when it comes to your music?

I definitely am, I’m super excited to promote my Ep and work on my debut! It’s so exciting!!

How does our audience keep up with you and all your fun music projects?! 

Hey for sure check me out on Instagram: Jordvnmassey

And my website www.jordvnmassey.com !

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview

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