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Exclusive Interview with Kehan Miller

Kehan! You are such a talent in your new release “How I Wish for Christmas”!! Why did you decide to do this project? 

Thank you for the kind words. Being part of this project was a no-brainer. “JOY” is a community-building project between New Zealand and international music artists. It features celebrated musicians and up-and-coming talent. and I am humbled to be included on an album with such talented and dedicated artists. Because each track is a different genre, there is something musically in it for every listener from my own perspective. More importantly, 5% of proceeds from the sale of the Blue Aeris JOY album will support Futures Without Violence.  I have deep respect for FUTURES as they provide groundbreaking programs, policies and campaigns that empower individuals and organizations working to end violence against women and children around the world.  futureswithoutviolence.org.  They need our help because domestic violence has greatly increased since the COVID outbreak.

How many recording sessions do you go through before you feel like a song is finished? Were there any challenges with “How I Wish for Christmas”?

It truly depends on the song. Sometimes, it takes many sessions to be able to capture what is inside our heads as artists and producers. Communication and understanding is the key. Other times, like with “How I Wish For Christmas”, are very easy. We had a recording session with the incredible musicians – Nick Granville on guitar, Darren Mathiassen on drums, and Johnny Lawrence on bass.  These consummate (and FUNNY) pros laid down three, maybe four passes, in less than an hour. I did a session for lead vocals and piano. And then the incomparable Kelly Moneymaker did a session for backing vocals. It truly only took her a little over an hour to create and stack all of the parts. Her musical prowess is inspiring. The rest was just editing it all together.

Do you have any unreleased work that you are unsure about releasing? Why? 

Of course. I would think all artists would answer the same. While most of us travel down an alley that listeners have responded positively to, all of the artists I know have created many songs that are different to what fans have heard in the past or are in different genres that we would like to release. I personally cannot control how the muses come through, and when something is very different from the rest, it can be difficult finding the correct route or package to get that “unique” creation out there and convince listeners to give it a chance.

What makes you proud when it comes to how you’ve grown as an artist?

This is hard to answer as the list is really long. I am proud and humbled to work with incredible artists I respect and admire. I always try to surround myself with such people to push myself as an artist and I am proud that I can open myself up to see other perspectives. I am proud to still find inspiration to create something new. I am also proud to still find the belief in my creative self and discover ways to get my artistic perspective out. I have always said I am a storyteller first and foremost. Everyone has a story. Each is as valid as the next. We only need to ask.

Thank you for chatting with us today Kehan! Where can our followers go to listen to “How I Wish for Christmas” and follow all your music?! 

The pleasure is all mine. Listeners can go to www.BlueAeris.com to download the single or the entire JOY album, see the videos and for news about future projects. They are all available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and TIDAL. You can find me at kehanmiller.com and @KehanMiller on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  As always, much love, light and happy holidays!

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