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Exclusive Interview with Kelvin Frazier

Kelvin Frazier’s new single Roller Coaster is heating up summertime.  We stole some Q&A time with the Billboard Charting artist to find out more about the song and more about his summertime plans.

Hey Kelvin thank you for joining us.  What’s the most exciting part of releasing new music? 

The most exciting part for me is performing the new music in front of a crowd and getting instant feedback. My new project is more uptempo so I am excited to move more on the stage and start adding choreography.

Tell us the meanings behind the lyrics.

I love to go to theme parks and ride the roller coasters. This is my way of going to a happy place even though I may be sad or stressed. I love the environment and thought why not write a song about roller coaster because life is like a roller coaster. We should all just try to enjoy the ride. The single is available on all digital platforms https://songwhip.com/song/kelvin-frazier-phd/roller-coaster

How long were you in the writing and recording mode with this new project? 

I have been working on this project for a little over a year, so it is definitely a thought out project and excited for everyone to hear it.

Were you an integral part in the production process as well? 

I was mainly part of songwriting and giving my opinion about the musical direction I wanted to go. I was lucky to find a great and talented team to collaborate with.

Will your long term fans be in for any surprises with your next releases?

Yes, my new music is much more modern and have a dance feel to it. I will still have an urban vibe to stay true to myself, but I feel like this new project represents more who Kelvin is as an artist.

Touring plans to support the new music? 

I plan to have a full tour in 2020 when I release my EP.  Make sure to keep track and get notifications on songkick https://www.songkick.com/artists/9409919-kelvin-frazier-phd  for any new performances.

Where can we find you on line? 





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