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Exclusive Interview with Kim Cameron

What are you doing to make sure you make the best of this year in music? 

I guess I am lucky because I live in Florida where we have a lot outside restaurants and clubs, so I have actually been able to perform here and there during this very musically challenging time. I have also been able to do a lot of writing and producing with two albums and a single released already in the last 10 months! I guess since I wake up to the ocean view, I am always inspired to tell a story. 

What are some projects that you wanted to try aside from music? 

I have not done a collaboration in a while, so I guess this year, I would love to find a really new type of collaborator to work with. I am a big fan of collaboration. I think it brings out the best songs if you have more than one songwriter and / or singer in the mix!

How much work does it require to get movie done like ‘Seaper Powers’ 

HA!  More than I ever thought possible. In the world of film, you really think about things in a matter of minutes, but in animation it’s all about seconds.  The work is extremely detailed, but in a creative way, so it’s fun, and frustrating and challenging all at the same time.  Your mind about a couple hours needs a little break when you are looking at frames per second.

Has it been easier or harder working on music virtually? 

I have always had producers who were in different parts of the country or world, so working on songs remotely has never been an issue.  It’s more fun to experience it together, but as far as creating the scores, it definitely is something I am accustomed to.

What do you think is worse, trying and failing or not trying at all? 

Well, considering I feel like I have fallen down numerous times, I am clearly a subscriber to keep on trying until you get it right!  I will never be the one who sits one out.

What do you think is the most important takeaway you want fans to receive from your music and you as an artist?

I guess, I want them to find a little bit of themselves in my stories.  I am sharing, often, a little bit of me in my songs, and hope others can feel themselves wondering throughout the words and feels I am attempting to project.

Who is someone that inspires your confidence that you can do this too?

I have a good friend, who also happens to be my pole dancing instructor. I am amazed by her ability to tackle super hard projects with ease.  And while her world is different from music, the force in which she uses is inspirational.

Thank you for this interview! Please give us your socials! 

For sure!

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