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Exclusive Interview with KinderCrowdControl

Have you performed your latest song Live yet? 

Edem: Not since we recorded it

Brett: Not yet.

What is the best part of performing Live? 

Edem: Connecting with the audience and losing yourself in the musical moment. Loud is good too.

Brett: The energy we get back from an audience.

Where can our followers stream your music?

Edem: All major music outlets. Remember KinderCrowdControl is one word.

Brett: Everywhere you can find music online.

Who are you following closely when it comes to their music?

Edem: No one in particular. The good stuff reaches us.

Brett: No one specifically. That’s a tough question because we listen to many different kinds of music, we don’t identify with any single source. Every day we crave something different.

What’s the creative direction that’s happening in 2021?

Edem: Making poignant songs reflecting the narratives and zeitgeist of our current paradigm.

Brett: We’re always moving forward. For us the journey is much more exciting than the destination.

How creative are you feeling lately?

Edem: Once you come to terms with how you can more positively react to your environment you can turn any emotion into creativity. I always believe in documenting how I feel through my art and music. So, very creative. Plus a lot of inspirational stuff is going on right now. Bsquared management believes in us and this is a wonderful chapter.

Brett:  I think that creativity can come from anywhere, anything or anyone. It doesn’t matter how big or small the source, but it’s the dynamic of our unique musical partnership that makes it all work.

No matter what is happening in your career what or who gets you to slow down and enjoy your success so far?

Edem: Me. I am either on 10 or zero. So it’s hard for me to slow down. But also I have some very good friends around me who remind me to breathe! I tip my hat to them all.

Brett: I’m not sure that we’re slowing down because I haven’t stopped long enough to take in the view.

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