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February’s Lagrimas will host Astari Nite and Donzii!

The Lagrimas events at Las Rosas are always a “lit” night for Miami, but this one is gonna be… special.

What happens when the flagbearers of the Florida post-punk and new wave (Astari Nite) meet the rising stars of post-punk and no-wave in Miami (Donzii)? Well, this humble reporter thinks it’s gonna be awesome!
This line up has been commented on since Donzii began really sweeping up the dark music scene in Miami some time ago.

To add some cherries on top, three of Miami’s most celebrated dark DJs will be spinning all kinds of delightfully dark tunes! Who, you might ask? Rippin Kittin, Nayra, and DJ Deadhead. One can expect the music to be pretty diverse on Friday night, hitting deathrock, post-punk, new wave, dark wave, industrial… you name it!
We’ll see you at Las Rosas on Friday the 15th!

To get us in the mood, Rippin Kittin has whippedĀ up a playlist to blast on Spotify!

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