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“Fog Horn Blowing” by Jasmine Bharucha

The urban dictionary states that Jasmine describes a girl who is shy at first, but then opens up once you get to know her. It seems fitting, then to express Jasmine Bharucha’s song “Fog Horn Blowing” as modest, but really reveals itself to be a lovely, great way to get to know Bharucha as an artist. This sweet song, endears itself to the listener with just a few listens. It’s the type of song to find inner peace and fall under the magnificent spell of Bharucha’s enchanting voice.

“Fog Horn Blowing” starts out like a typical pop/country folk contemporary song. It has a mild, but gripping guitar arrangement underneath Bharucha’s mid-tempo vocals. She really sets the tone with putting her listener at ease. It’s as if you were sitting on a front porch, sipping the morning coffee and dreaming up what lies ahead. She’s giving you a great start to your day, a beautiful landscape of this charming sea-town called Steveston. It’s in British Columbia, Canada and when the ships roll in and you hear that fog horn blowing, you know what lies ahead. She sings of getting together on a Thursday night, you bring the song, and I’ll sing it right, as she sails down the water in the pale moon light, there’s a fog horn blowing. This chorus sticks with you, and the mild-mannered but lovely Bharucha vocals linger just as long.

It’s easy to embrace her melody and the percussion does pick up during the song. It’s a constant beat, with the thrust of the music really coming from Bharucha’s voice as the main instrument. Bharucha, who was born in Mumbai, and is the first singer from India to appear on MTV Asia, first hit it big with the 1991 song “All Alone Now” from her album Alien Desire, certainly has the depth and life experience to bring such piece to the masses.  The drum fill, too, is really strong, but not too fast. It’s just the perfect tempo. I liked the pace of the band. They could really go stronger bluegrass or country, and they didn’t. They kept it really in the pop rock/Americana lane. I think because of the storytelling in the song, it falls more folk, but overall, this is definitely a radio friendly adult contemporary song. I hear just a smidge of piano on the background, even though she doesn’t have it in the music video. I could be mistaken on that sound, but I felt like I heard the keys woven in and out of the musical thread.

The music video does an amazing job to capture the Steveston scenery. It’s hard to not fall for Bharucha’s voice and her endless array of outfits. She really shows off some different fashions and it’s really a fun feature to this cozy song. And just like the song, it’s a great fit and easy-going style. Overall, “Fog Horn Blowing” is a genuinely lovely song. Jasmine Bharucha’s wonderful love for her town and the joy she conveys gives an immediate, touching reaction.

John McCall

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