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Foolish Human – “Lake Union” (PREMIERE)

Caressing the silence with a gentle string plucking that instantly indicates just how stunning a melodic treasure we’re about to take in, we find Jared Hallock’s Foolish Human welcoming us into the glow of “Lake Union” in a humble but entirely inviting sensibility in the song’s opening bars. With little more than an acoustic guitar’s poignant tonal presence, these first few moments of musical wonderment will inevitably shape much of how we break down the story in this track, though they’re hardly the lone reason I’d tell serious indie enthusiasts to pick up “Lake Union” this spring. Defined by the experimental attitude of Hallock as much as it is the cosmetic integrities of its greatest instrumental attributes, this is a single designed to whisk even the most stoic of listeners away on a colorful, reflective journey only possible when artist and medium have nothing to separate their mutual lust for one another.

Official Website: https://thejaredhallockcommunity.com/foolish-human

Lyrics are one of the strong suits this single has going for it, but I wouldn’t say they’re the only direct method of conveyance Hallock is using in this instance at all. As previously noted, there’s already so much to learn about the emotional ground “Lake Union” rests on just in appreciating the instrumental intricacies it makes a point of greeting us with right out of the gate, and had they been our only means of understanding what he was trying to get across to listeners in this single, I still think that the majority of the audience would have walked away from the song feeling like they’d just heard something truly personal and unguarded.

The charisma sourced directly from the instrumentation, and how it’s being presented to the audience in both the single and its companion music video, is striking in more ways than one, but without the clarity that this master mix – co-credited to Darrell Thorp – affords even the subtlest of details in the composition, I’m not convinced critics would be as enamored by nor as aware of the talent going into the Foolish Human project. This isn’t a venture helmed by someone who doesn’t put much stock into his artistic output; on the contrary, I would say that Hallock and his collaborator in Benson Cabiao are two of the more invested independent players I’ve heard in the same single all year long (which is certainly no small statement to make considering the skill coming out of the American underground at the moment).

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/jared-hallock/378143601

As much as I’ve come to respect the work this artist has submitted in other projects, I definitely wasn’t anticipating coming across something so strong here. In describing the poetic substance of his new release under the Foolish Human moniker to us, Jared Hallock says that “‘Lake Union’ is water on a bed of memories. The ripples reflect glimmers of scars from the past that are slowly healing, on their own time. The energy surrounding Lake Union is calm and quiet, but if you look real hard you can make out the swirling tendrils of the past embedded in the currents below. These waveforms become frequencies which then become sound. ‘Up on the north shore of Lake Union,’ introspection isn’t a choice but rather a way of life.” A bold and thought-provoking narrative from an artist I have boundless respect for, this is a must-listen for alternative music fans everywhere this season.

John McCall

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