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Foxxxy Mulder brings us Post-Punk with touches of industrial in “Everything in Bloom”

A name like Foxxxy Mulder piked our interest. But their music now… Now they have our attention.

Post-Punk has been known to sin of being too delicate, too sensitive sometimes. This is definitely not the case with Foxxxy Mulder’s “Everything in Bloom”, the second single off their recently released debut LP Heretic. Slow and deliberate, the single combines all the good elements of Post-Punk, and throws in some dirty electronic sounds for good measure, with the track ending up sounding like Robert Smith and Trent Reznor ended up jamming in the studio after a particularly depressing night out. Why do I say depressing night? Because the track is slow, heavy, melancholic and more futuristic than your average dark track. We like.

Foxxxy Mulder is a post-punk/darkwave duo based out of Seattle and Fairbank, and they recently (last Friday) released their first full length. The album, titled Heretic, is inspired in part by the history of witch persecutions and in part by the disasters of contemporary politics, is a record about the horrors of the past which, both obliquely and explicitly, continue to haunt the present.

True to the musical style, the band released a music video for “Everything in Bloom” that matches the mood, with distorted and fuzzy views of what normally should be normal and nice things, like the beach, and flowers.  If you enjoy what you hear and see here, you might wanna check out the rest of their album on Bandcamp (maybe buy a copy, if we’re feeling rich? I’m pretty sure that this track on vinyl must sound amazing).
Enough dilly-dallying!! Onwards with the music! Make sure you can give yourself some volume for this one.

Let’s listen to “Everything In Bloom” by Foxxxy Mulder:

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