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Francine Honey – “Can’t Press Reset”

Imbedded into Francine Honey’s vocal delivery in her new track “Can’t Press Reset” is her natural empathy. A twangy touch, a calligraphy-like class that shapes a curly-que whisper at its ends, hers is a voice that cares. “Can’t Press Reset” is a song that captures Honey’s undeniable charm with hues of Americana, folk and country gatherings. A powerful, hauntingly-beautiful steel guitar and a steady-as-she-goes percussion, with “Can’t Press Reset” Honey returns us to a calm state-of-mind. Honey’s accompanying music video, a reflection of the times, compartmentalizes the physical separation and threads together the strong connection to her listener.

URL: https://francinehoney.com/

“Can’t Press Reset” is from Honey’s upcoming album, Unfinished Business. The song’s theme tackles the unprecedented year that 2020 has thrown upon the world. That word, unprecedented, has been used frequently this year; Honey’s song might have inklings of the frustrations in her lyrics, but her optimism is contagious. I don’t have to go into detail about the times we’re living in, but know that this song forges ahead, acknowledging that plans have been shuffled and roles have been pivoted. What stays true and is beautifully built into a strong foundation is Honey’s harmonies and instant rapport.

We can’t just press reset, when the world doesn’t make sense, the Ontario, Canada-based Honey sings. I’m the one, always looking for rainbows, but things seem so out of control, it’s a full-time job, changing my thoughts when I see the faces, of those we’ve lost, she continues. I think she more than adequately captures what everyone is thinking, but what everyone is feeling. We have a lot on our plates this year. The backing music, an easy flow of that rousing steel guitar, a bubbling bass guitar, rocking electric guitar and more, bolsters Honey’s vocals. If Honey’s voice were colors, her pallet would be one of the autumn season. Dipped in marigold, vermillion and flexes of sunshine yellow. She exudes a coziness, but also tip toes into the bluesy, Americana-twang realms. It’s a wildly, intoxicating escape. You feel at home, you feel wanted listening to this song. You don’t feel alone.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/cant-press-reset-single/1535295611?i=1535295612&ign-gact=3&ls=1

The accompanying music video, a split screen depiction of Honey and her top-notch band performing from their various home studios. I think this visual nails what the song is about, and at the same time is a reflection of the times. Because it’s now on the eternal online time capsule, I think people will look back and understand more about what happened in this banner year that is 2020. They will also feel the love and the yearning for connection that Honey so distinctly presents. Honey, whose discography includes “Snowflakes On My Eyelashes”, has often made the nine-hour trek from her Canadian home to Nashville over the years. I think this sums up Honey, as well as the theme in “Can’t Press Reset”. Her determination, passion and resilience to let nothing stand in her way is truly the mark of a special artist. She doesn’t give up and it shows in her work.  “Can’t Press Reset” is one of 2020’s greatest gifts.

John McCall

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  • Francine Honey
    Reply November 18, 2020 2:51 pm

    Wow, John! I do not know you in person but you sure seem to know me. Thank you for your wonderful words and for understanding who I am through my music alone. That is the biggest compliment one can receive! Sending you my love….Francine Honey

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