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Francine Honey’s “I Carry On” (SINGLE) featuring Robert Gray

From one frame to the next in the official music video for Francine Honey’s “I Carry On” single, there is no predicting what warmth will fill our screen next – only that there will be more evocative imagery waiting around every turn. Honey’s voice is matched up with a marvelous visual experience in this video, one of two made for “I Carry On,” but even at its most potently colorful, there’s rarely an instance where her voice isn’t the most focused and enjoyable attribute in the track. She’s got the kind of pipes that make everyone in the club stop what they’re doing just to get lost in the aural gaze of her vocal, and in 2020, this makes her quite a special artist for certain.

URL: https://francinehoney.com/

The second music video for “I Carry On,” featuring Robert Gray on guest vocals, isn’t as Hollywood-like in its introduction of characters. This cut takes us into the studio with Gray and Honey for an intimate performance – and compositional deconstruction – of a song that was already as sensuous as it is vibrant. Honey plays off of her counterpart’s cues as though they were always destined to play this track together, and while I’m slightly preferential to the solo version of “I Carry On,” I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t immediately swept away by this rendition’s humble harmonies as well.

“I Carry On” crosses the finish line in the same fashion regardless of which take you’re listening to, and as it disappears into the ash heap of melodicism left in its wake, I find that it’s Francine Honey’s voice that lingers in our minds the longest. She’s got everything going for her in this song – she’s powerful yet easygoing, seductive and yet entirely unintimidating. Her melodic sensibilities have never been quite as crisp and clear as they are in this master mix, but I’m not totally convinced she’s exploiting her skills for everything they’re worth. I want to hear her get even more ambitious in the next single she cuts; after all, she shows us in this release that she can roll with some of the best in the industry today.

John McCall

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