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“Front Row” by Jen Fodor

Nadia Vaeh has been trending around the underground beat a lot in the last year, but in the new single “Front Row” by Jen Fodor, she’s playing more of a supporting role in launching her collaborator’s career to the same warm reception she received not so long again. Fodor puts on a swaggering performance that isn’t dependent on the potent vocal Vaeh throws into the mix seemingly just for the heck of it, and though she’s a newcomer to the international spotlight she stands to gain this summer, she doesn’t sound reticent about giving us all she’s got here at all – the opposite, quite honestly.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jenfodor?lang=en

Dynamics between two players in the studio foster the sort of aesthetics a recording will come to be defined by, and in this scenario, they afford “Front Row” enough of an atmospheric backbone to really simmer and gain sonic momentum akin to a retro-punk rock anthem by the sixty-second marker in the track. There’s a dreaminess just waiting to come undone beneath the vocal harmonies in this release, and though it’s never fully realized by the conclusion of the track, it doesn’t have to be for us to get a grasp of Fodor’s artistic ambitions.

I just adore the guitar part Fodor and Vaeh are layering their verses atop, and not for its Beatles-esque attributes. While it’s fundamentally as straightforward as the lyricism is, the main lick circling our lead singer towards the onset of the first stanza is rebellious and even a little reckless by design, only gaining solid footing after burning off a little steam as words start to form the poetic sentiments in “Front Row.” It’s noisy and harsher than you’d expect upon closer inspection, but precisely why I think alternative rock fans are going to consider this work a treasure among a year filled with trash.

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Debuts typically don’t come much leaner and meaner than this is, especially when they’re sporting not one but two talented singers in the same recording studio, but when they do, they stick in your head for a good long while. I just heard “Front Row” for the first time just recently, but I can already tell it’s going to be a tough one to shake from my internal playlist – and it’s all because of the moxie its creator offers us around every turn in the track. Jen Fodor is the real deal, and you’re going to agree after giving this single/video combo a close inspection.

John McCall

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