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Fuss Ricket – Bringing the heat with “Fairfax Walk”

Fuss Ricket pulls all the stops with “Fairfax Walk”, presenting us with a sonic rollercoaster from the first second.  The music is upbeat, electronic rock at its best, somewhat reminiscent to The Prodigy, but with a little more party thrown in. Then there’s the vocals…. equal parts attitude, confrontational tone, sass (I am aware that “sass” is more of internet slang than a real word, but it is an appropriate description in this case) and fun. In the first 10 seconds the vocals remind me of old Slim Shady himself. They progress to get a little more punk and rock as the song goes on.

Austin-based fringe-pop purveyors Fuss Ricket, a leftfield mix of analog and digital techniques, leveraging an unrelenting rhythmic energy and varied musical precedents, forever reborn in a strangely fresh form. Fuss Ricket was formed in late 2015 by Tyler Reed Cochran (tracks, vocals) and has since added Austin Hegarty (drums), Blake Pankonien (bass), and Alyssa Anne Hicks (keys).

If the single “Fairfax Walk” is any indication of the energy and style or the rest of the material of Fuss Ricket, we have another contender for party masters of the year! Check out “Fairfax Walk” here!

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