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Gaura Sange presents “Desensitized”

Where to begin? Gaura Sange‘s “Desensitized” is an intense experience from start to finish, both the music and the video playing important parts of the experience. Let’s start with first impressions. The music has a hard beat, giving a strong rhythm base for the the melodies and vocals. And what vocals! Gaura Sange’s voice is strong, clear and has a touch of that sultriness that Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode wields so well.  Then, on the video side, makeup, flashing images and double exposures keeps us on the edge, keeps things weird. And here at Too Much Love we like weird. Yup.

“Desensitized is about the beauty of a fast beating heart. I have cardiophobia, a type of anxiety obsessed with the heart and its behavior. My hyper awareness of heart rate and blood pressure provides me with a lens to view emotion. All that is important in life, effects the heart. I find particular inspiration in how both positive and negative experiences can elicit a similar response from the heart. For example, having sex and breaking up both leave you with a pounding heart and a flushed face, but with very different emotional context.” – Gaura Sange

Gaura Sange is the project/alter ego of 19 year old Toronto musician and multi-media artist Geoff Scott. Like with any young artists, support is what keeps the wheels turning, so make sure to follow and like on Instagram and Facebook. And now, let’s get down to business with “Desensitized”:

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