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Ghost return to Miami this Saturday!!

Specters are moaning, poltergeists are banging on doors, and everyone is excited!!

The Swedish band Ghost (also sometimes known as Ghost BC) is a band hard to define, especially when it comes to labeling their music. Some call it metal, pop metal, rock, psych rock, psych metal…. you name it, someone has called it. What are they? Well, for one, they are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME LIVE!!

Having jetted to fame for their very catchy yet heavily Satanic music, the band could’ve never gain the clout and notoriety it enjoys nowadays without a very solid live component. Ghost’s live shows are brimming with energy, theatrics, sing along moments, and a few “breaking the 4th wall” moments in which frontman Cardinal Copia (or Papa Emeritus I, II, or III) address the crowd directly with humor and levity.

Ghost is returning to The Fillmore on Miami Beach, this Saturday Nov 24th. Tickets are still available, and I’d recommend everyone to go, as it is a great post-Thanksgiving event, or even consider it an early Xmas gift to yourself or a loved one!

Are you ready to swear, right here, right now, for the Devil?

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