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Gianni Bodo feat. Brigitte Pace release new Single

Often as gentle as the instrumentation that accompanies them, there’s no denying the brilliance of the vocals that Gianni Bodo and Brigitte Pace insert between the simple grooves in “Hurricanes and Butterflies (Flowers Don’t Die).” Some duets don’t need an elaborate lyricism to communicate an ocean of emotion unto us, and that’s precisely what makes this new single under the Bodo moniker such an interesting release this season. If you haven’t heard “Hurricanes and Butterflies” yet, I would highly recommend giving it a spin this May if for no other reason than to learn what all the critical fuss has been for.

URL: http://giannibodo.com/

There’s not a lot percussive presence in this mix, but that doesn’t stop the groove the drums create from feeling especially magical. The chorus gets all of its color from the rhythm, and though there’s a lot to be said about the vocal harmony that keeps its fiery verses ablaze, it wouldn’t be quite as affective had it not been paired with a seductive beat. Bodo is no stranger to the intricacies that come with making a master arrangement, and if there were any critics who questioned his skillset prior to this, I think they’ll be singing a different tune in 2020.

I really enjoy the bass tones in this track, and to some extent, I think they beef up the muscularity of the melody tremendously. In light pop content like this, tonal expressiveness can make all the difference in the world – particularly when you’re trying to develop a hybrid sound, such as Gianni Bodo is doing here. He’s using the EQ the same way that a guitarist would a six-string; every weapon in the studio is at his disposal, and he’s doing a fine job of spreading the love between them in “Hurricanes and Butterflies.”

As much as I like this single, it definitely makes me want to see Gianni Bodo and Brigitte Pace together in concert sometime. There’s so much heat between them, so much unrestrained passion, that I can’t imagine their performance on stage being anything other than incredible from top to bottom. They’ve got time to consider different options, but based solely on the chemistry they’ve got in this song, I think they would be foolish to dismiss the idea of working together again (and soon). Covers or originals, I think they would attract a big audience no matter what they decided to record together.

CHECK OUT THE SINGLE: http://giannibodo.com/home/hurricanes-and-butterflies-flowers-dont-die/

Pop fans who need something fresh and untethered to commercial interests this May need to make a point of checking out “Hurricanes and Butterflies (Flowers Don’t Die)” immediately. You don’t have to be the biggest underground buff to appreciate the dexterous, neo-alternative pop sensibilities presented to us here, but for those who do follow the indie beat, Gianni Bodo’s most recent release is a must-listen for sure. He’s got the right idea at this stage of the game, and if I were him, I wouldn’t stop running with it until I found the credible success I’d been fighting for my whole career.

John McCall

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