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Glassio’s Remix of Madge’s ‘Fight or Flight’ Reimagines The Dark

Last year, LA’s art queen Madge released her pop-defying track, ‘Fight or Flight,’ and for the entire month of June, she’ll be dropping a remix of the song every week. First up is a musical punch: Glassio’s remix of ‘Fight or Flight’ reimagines the looming, airy track into an upbeat, colorful jam. As if the air were screaming, this version invites us into a world that is angsty, cathartic, and instantly groovy.

“Put me in your fight club cause you wanna beat me up; I gotta way with making faces made for punchin'”

A choir of voices, a thumbing bass, and raw breathing comprises the original track. It’s dark and contains raw emotions from Madge that Glassio has seemed to bottle up, stir, and release. As if you were writhing out your demons, dancing to this song will release you into a pink-cheek, sweaty justice.

“I don’t know how Glassio is able to take something quite dark and chaotic and turn it into something compact and nearly cheerful. This remix feels hip and vibey in the best way – something that I wouldn’t have thought to do with the original sounds.“

Catch the next remix before it falls by following Madge on Instagram.

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