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eric benoit

Going fast and dark with Eric Benoit’s “Symptom”

NYC artist Eric Benoit recently released “Symptom” and it is definitely not music to play on a sunny picnic. Heavy electronic sounds immediately made me think of the most recent Tron movie (the darker moments), as well as the music making me think if some of the more electric Nine Inch Nails. It takes more than 2 minutes for any kind of percussion or beat to kick in, and when it does, you’re well aboard a fast moving train in a tunnel with no lights. Musically speaking, of course…

Eric Benoit creates music of self-destruction, but it’s not to make you depressed. His sound comes more as an elegy for a suicidal friend and a story of growing up. Eric made his first live appearance as the Artist of the Month at The Bitter End Singer-Songwriter Series (NYC) in September 2014. Satisfied with his songwriting, but frustrated with the limitations of his guitar and voice, he devoted himself to learning electronic music production. Eventually, he created the mixture of electronic, singer-songwriter, experimental, and dance music that comprised his debut. His first full length is called College  and was released a few months back.

Turn off the lights and let’s listen to “Symptom”

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