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Golan – Preparing us for autumn with “September Fall”

Golan enters in that small category of names that do proper electronic music as a full band. And we love it.

Starting off minimalistic and growing in both complexity and melody, “September Fall” is an all around excellent track to chill out to, or dance in a relaxed manner. The groove makes you rock your head to the rhythm, and the layers of the synths and vocals send you flying into dreamland. With this latest single from Golan, one can really tell the difference between electronic music created by a single producer, multiple producers or, as in this case, what is essentially a full band.

Golan is an electronic music outfit based in Romania (Eastern Europe, for those readers not too familiar with Europe’s layout), that started off as a three piece, and has now grown/evolved to a 5 piece live act. Touching the genres of Deep House, House, Chill-out and other influences, Golan’s lates single “September Fall” is definitely a great track to introduce the band to new fans.

Along with the single comes a music video that keeps the melodic chill out vibe close to heart, featuring some kids in their early teens relaxing and entertaining themselves at the end of summer. The video features plenty of light and easy going scenes, which is a nice change from the norm when it comes to electronic music videos.

But enough with the words, in with the music!! Check out Golan’s “September Fall” here:

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