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“Got Me Dreaming” by Kristina Murrell

Sophisticated composing is great, but it doesn’t really become effective until a star-caliber singer comes into the fold. The basic notion of the melodies in “Got Me Dreaming” is certainly one that could make just about any conventional R&B fan eager to hear what the song can really do in the hands of a good singer, but when these melodies are put into practice by someone like Kristina Murrell, it literally changes the dimensions of the track’s narrative entirely. She breathes a life and vitality into the music that no one else could have here, and for my money, her performance is as good as it gets this season.

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There’s a certain old school charm to the stylization of the music video for “Got Me Dreaming” that I was immediately smitten with in the first sit-down I had with this release, and when coupled with the on-screen presence Murrell has, it definitely feels like a legit hit no matter how you break it down. Her soundtrack is, of course, the main reason why I would recommend looking at the video, but when she’s behind the mic crooning with the same grace a lot of pop’s greatest icons personified, there’s something in her eyes that speaks to the grand possibilities still in store for her career.

The rhythm behind the instruments is fairly patient in “Got Me Dreaming,” ironically constructed to amplify the natural tension of the melody before anything else. I think there’s enough evidence to suggest a kinship between Murrell’s manner of approaching the material and the conceptualization of modern slow jams in general, but this isn’t to say she probably couldn’t do something a bit more up-tempo in the future – the opposite, really. Versatility is a hallmark of greatness, and it’s something clearly adding to the overall experience listeners get in this single and its accompanying music video.

These lyrics hit pretty hard even with the soft touch of the lead vocal, and through the careful arrangement of the bassline they’re made a bit more pressurized than they would have been in a more straightforward setting. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing instrumental embellishments when they’re as organic and tonally communicative as what Murrell is working with in “Got Me Dreaming” is, and I actually think she sets a good example for some of the less than erudite players in and out of her scene with her efficient attitude in this release.

I definitely give “Got Me Dreaming” a resounding endorsement this March for numerous reasons, but the biggest one has got to be the magic its singer imparts to the audience through every word she serenades us with. You’ll want to check out her debut LP if you’re the type to get crazy over particularly smart progressive R&B, but even if you’re just a casual pop fan I think you’re going to find her voice to be just too intoxicating to be resisted. Hers is a divine talent, and it’s getting an incredible showcase in “Got Me Dreaming.”

John McCall

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