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Great News

Great News – “Never Gonna Get My Love”

This upbeat song by Norwegian daze poppers Great News, combines great elements of indie rock, funk and even calipso, the perfect soundtrack for a sunny afternoon in a remote beach.

“Never Get My Love,” is the second single off their forthcoming debut LP Wonderfault. A sonic nod to the ’80s (think The Stone Roses meets Tame Impala with a little of Happy Mondays in the mix). The fuzzed out trop-rock anthem rides on a heady cocktail of garage rock alt-percussion, unruly guitar riffs, and Even Kjelby’s commanding-yet-meditative vocal croon. And as the methodical instrumental layers hit their peak on the transcendent chorus, Kjelby’s repeated mantra “you’re never gonna get my love” spins into a full-blown anthem for autonomy.

“When you´re feeling down and isolated, there’s this voice, like the Devil on your shoulder, telling you to go out and get numb. I am telling him that, sure, we can play around and waste away, but you can not touch the ones I love or get too deep inside my soul. He will never get my love, and he won´t take my love a way from those who are closest to me.”


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