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Greg Hoy & The Boys’ release new Single/Video

2020 is bringing a lot of interesting indie rock acts out of the woodwork, and among the more curious to catch my attention lately is none other than Greg Hoy & The Boys, whose new single “Green” and its accompanying music video are raising more than a couple of eyebrows among underground followers this month.

Official URL: http://www.greghoyandtheboys.com/

“Green” is a unique post-alternative track steeped in warm guitar distortion and consisting of churning verses surrounding a light melodic hook in the chorus, and through its pronounced percussive pouncing and smoothly-defined string play (both of which have been missing from the bulk of indie rock singles I’ve reviewed lately), it throws down a swinging beat colorized by rebellious riffing that any rocker would be crazy to dismiss as amateurish.

There are a lot of groups that are essentially striving to put together a sound similar to Greg Hoy & The Boys’, which, to be fair, is a sound that owes a heck of a lot to the late 80’s alternative rock pulse that produced everything from the beasts of a burgeoning Twin Cities scene to the early fodder for the grunge movement in the Pacific Northwest, but I don’t believe there have been very many that have captured the core of the genre’s ethos quite the way this band has. Throwback pop gets a redressing in carnal indie rock surrealism as The Boys construct the instrumental backdrop to “Green,” and by the time we reach the fever pitch of the single, it’s as though the two components have become merged in a sonic tour de force that can’t be categorized with conventional stylistic brandings. Simply put, that’s something to be impressed by – especially in today’s volatile alternative music underground.

John McCall

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