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Greye is Back with Powerful Single

Greye is back with the powerful single “Growing Pains”. Keeping up with their signature style of big guitars, anthemic vocals and lots of groove, “Growing Pains” shows more depth and heart than previous tracks. Lead singer Hannah Summer and the backing arsenal still deliver a monster sound, but harness the trepidation of unprecedented times. This isn’t just a COVID-19 song, it’s a revelation that music connects us all.

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Summer, who has a sultry voice that could go head-to-head with Pat Benatar, is in total command. Making me dizzier, and dizzier…getting louder, getting louder, she sings with slight angst. I’m afraid it’s just growing up, growing pains, growing, growing pains, she sings. Underneath her words is the band echoing with growing pains, in their baritone voices. The musical arrangement flowing is stacked with drum fills and blistering, melodic guitars. More and more the guitars and percussion bolster Summer’s already stellar vocals. What the listener gets is a great back-and-forth, pile driving blues rock outcome. The music bed is really tight and you can tell that this band has been performing for quite some time. Their sound is very polished, but not so pristine you can’t imagine some jamming and improvisation cutting into the sound. Their sound has a strangely organic tone to it, that can’t be replicated from a computer. This is the real deal, folks.

“Growing Pains” conveys a story on a few different levels. As mentioned prior, the pandemic theme is inferred, but not outright described. The listener feels the intensity, the boiling point is reached with Summer’s outcries. The movement and flow under her is steadier, but still erupting at certain points. It’s a great balance. I think this song could easily land in any time, and can be interpreted as a relationship song, too. The tenure that a couple endures can be tenuous and trying, but they have to grow together. They have to make certain concessions. I think the lyrics display this struggle and acknowledge that change and growth is not easy. Sometimes you sort of go kicking and screaming into the idea, but you get past it. Or you get through it. Summer and company have a tenacious approach and it’s the type of song that just oozes grit. It’s a head-on approach to tackle whatever problem lies ahead. I really like that Summer is so approachable and I felt like I wanted her on my side, in my corner. She really sings from her gut.

Greye is comprised of Summer, drummer Ray Grimard, guitarist Jett Wolfe, bassist Josh Reid and keyboardist Kenn-e Williams. They are based out of Daytona Beach, Florida. “Growing Pains” joins an expanding discography that includes “Lucky” and “Crusade”. The band is working on their anticipated 2021 album release. There are many bands to choose to listen to, we know this, but Greye is really started to grow on me. They have a very expansive sound and with each track, Summer really serves up thought-provoking lyrics and gets better with each song.

John McCall

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