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Have You Ever FaceTime’d Your Ex? Try Singing A Song About Them To Them: Sloane Releases Video For ‘Old Hands New Face’

“I can’t see you, I don’t see you, cause I’m changing…”

Since his debut last Friday, experimental pop producer Sloane’s ‘Old Hands New Face’ has garnered critical acclaim from musicians like Phantogram, landed on major playlists, and hit over 24k streams. Now, Sloane shares a simple yet effective music video of him FaceTiming the ex he wrote about…

In his debut single ‘Old Hands New Face’, Sloane sings about the impending changes we all go through. Whether it’s a job change or a break up, sometimes we can’t help the transformation that occurs over time. It’s especially daunting when you wake up one day to realize you and the person you love have become entirely different people. Relatable right? Imagine singing it to them over FaceTime. Texting lyrics that fly back and forth, the pair tries to make sense of the circumstance and each other. All the while, Sloane is wearing his quintessential pixelated mask as a computer generated world floats by.

“I wanna hold you…didn’t think we’d need to deal with this.”

Sloane is an emotive, pop-interpreting producer that makes “music to cry to while you smile.” His avant-garde style keeps the listener intrigued with his collection of samples and heart tugging lyrics. Opening and closing every show with a string section, his live shows are connective and anthemic as Sloane aims to draw the crowd in closer together. He began as a musician, playing bass and music directing for different bands and as his career abounded, so did his understanding of the power of music. One day, life took a twist and the man behind the mask dove deep into soundscapes for refuge. Through heartbreak Sloane found a revolution; through his music, we remember that our experiences are shared, and that it’s okay not to be okay.

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