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“Hope” by Jazz Legend Louise Cappi

Following up a substantial debut can feel nearly insurmountable when put to the task. The term “sophomore slump” exists for a reason, and almost every artist is susceptible to it. The slim probability of overcoming something so well-received on a first outing can lead to unnecessarily high expectations, and the result can be disheartening to fans even if the work itself isn’t bad. Some examples might be in order.

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Peep Sam’s Town by the Las Vegas band The Killers — an album heralded as one of their best from a modern retrospective, following the much more radio-friendly and “iconic” Hot Fuss felt like a Herculean task before the band ever returned to the studio. In film, take a look at indie film festival icon Stephen Soderbergh — his debut film sex, lies, and videotape practically created the indie circuit and then he released a film even the most hardcore film enthusiasts in your life would be hard-pressed to have watched with Kafka. There’s plenty of room to start high and fall face-forward into the ground but the ambition and possibility of failure will certainly only fuel the flames of possible insane success for most who find themselves making a career out of the arts. A sophomore slump is only worth the power you give to it, and Louise Cappi may as well not even know the term because absolutely nothing is breaking her stride.

It’s been four years since Lousie Cappi’s debut release, Mélange, saw release in 2017 and the hype has only increased with every passing year. Cappi, one of the staples of both New York City’s and New Orleans’ nightlife music scene, has made quite the name for herself with her live shows and eclectic, genre-defying music. Thankfully, after a long wait, Cappi has come back to releasing music with the new, infectiously optimistic single “Hope,” off of her upcoming album of the same name — fans will notice similarities between her newest offering and the album they’ve come to know and love over the last four years, but there’s still a great deal of fresh perspective on display from Cappi. “Hope” tackles the notion of maintaining a positive outlook in the face of negativity and feels entirely indebted to the adversity hand-delivered personally by the last year in particular; Louise Cappi’s talent of never focusing on the dour and instead chugging along lends itself to the new single extremely well, and there’s no foreseeable stopping point for her optimism.

APPLE MUSIC: https://music.apple.com/us/album/hope-single/1574358833

Louise Cappi isn’t one to believe in the expected or the predetermined, as beautifully illustrated by her music and lyrics, and “Hope” blows the very notion of a sophomore slump out of the water with a force strong enough to throw it an extra ten miles down the road. There’s simply no stepping in front of Cappi’s stride as she rolls out the unstoppable, impending release with Hope, so you’d be wise to pull up a chair and get ready for the fireworks that are about to be made with this new track as it dismantles even the sheer concept of a sophomore slump.

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