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Hot Shot Kixxx’s new single and music video “Tadpoles”

With a flood of overdriven melodicism waiting to greet us in its first couple of bars, Hot Shot Kixxx’s new single and music video “Tadpoles” sees the band wasting no time laying on the beats as thick as we can take them. There’s a tension in the air that we’ll never escape entirely through the course of the song’s four minute-plus running time, but it never becomes overwhelming enough for us to turn back. The first fifty-six seconds of this single feel like a dream playing out in slow-motion, but for its second act, “Tadpoles” adopts a much punkier, carnivorous stylization.

Official Website: https://www.hotshotkixxx.com/

The chorus swings into us violently, leaving behind an ash heap of percussive shards and bass-covered string distortion. The vocals integrate with the instrumentation seamlessly, and later on in the track, it’s almost difficult to tell where their part of the harmony begins and that of the grating guitar ends. This isn’t because of a cluttered master mix – in fact, quite the opposite. Here, Hot Shot Kixxx are so in-tune with a portal to destructive sonic realms unknown that it’s hard for us to discern their organic tones from those generated within their amplifiers. These features make “Tadpoles” devastatingly handsome for fans of noise, rock, psychedelia and even fusion (which is definitely an interesting group of fans to attract).

In terms of originality and unrefined elegance, this is one of the best single/music videos I’ve heard in a while. Hot Shot Kixxx demonstrate compositional discipline as well as an ambitiousness that I’m desperate to hear more of in the years ahead. 2020 has ushered forth their debut album, Devils at It Again, to a fairly warm reception from both critics and fans, but if they can maintain the momentum it’s afforded them thus far, they’ll be sitting pretty in the underground hierarchy for some time to come.

John McCall

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