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IDYLLS brings the ruckus with “No Virility”

And bring it they do. IDYLLS is the kind of band that you go see with reinforced boots on and a penchant for bruises and ringing ear drums. But there is no denying that there is a never ending onslaught of passion and nerve wracking emotions coming from the speakers when one listesn to “No Virility”. And hey, it’s a fun track.  It has that same level of acoustic violence that we’ve come to expect and love from other bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge.

IDYLLS hail from Australia, Brisbane to be a little more precise. Fred, Lloyd, Chris, and Billie form up for crazy riffs, grinding sounds, and most particular, the inclusion of a saxophone in to this organized chaos. Singer & saxophonist Billie Stimpson describes ‘No Virility’ as “A petulant and flat refusal to read and understand a life through the lens of sexuality or romance. A rhythmic acclamation of failure and grey ace anthem.”

Check out “No Virility” here!  (No, we’re not erectile disfunction doctors, we mean the song!)


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