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iHateJulian Releases New Music

Any rapper can break off a boastful track like it’s second nature nowadays, but to create something that hashes out true emotion, that penetrates the boundary line separating the playful melodies on the radio from the subjects they address in our everyday lives, takes skills you can’t learn in any school or from listening to any mixtape. iHateJulian isn’t just interested in flexing what he’s got in the videos for his new singles “Come Wit It” and “Nice to Meet You,” but instead in creating an artistic narrative more representative of who he wants to be as a player and what he can contribute to the culture.

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Both of these music videos are guilty of utilizing familiar concepts in the mainstream hip-hop universe, but they use them only to improve upon a first-person style of prose in these lyrics that would perhaps sound a bit insular on its own. This isn’t to discount the weight of each track as they stand independently from their official visualizers, but instead to acknowledge what these videos are doing to expand upon a specific theme rather than a marketing strategy. Again, iHateJulian is a details man, and not someone considered with his financial bottom line exclusively.

Money might not be the only thing on his mind here, but the lyrical content is straightforward enough to a point where I think it’s going to serve as the most lucrative element in this player’s pair of new releases. These two singles indicate that we’re dealing with a no B.S. kind of guy who rarely grants quarter to artistic elements incapable of really drawing something out of the composition at hand, and no matter which side of hip-hop you’re looking at, you have to admit that this isn’t exactly a commonality among rappers mainstream and indie the same right now.

I particularly dig the heavier instrumental tones in “Nice to Meet You” as they showcase iHateJulian’s stamina at the mic as much as they do his likeability as a lyricist. He can withstand a lot of abuse from the bottom-end of the mix in this track, and rather than circumventing challenges a lot of his contemporaries might not be ready to face in their own work, he’s chasing them in this release, seemingly just to yield whatever experience he can from the trials in hopes of growing stronger in future jams. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what would qualify anymore.

iHateJulian offers dual eruptions for the difficult-to-please rap enthusiasts in “Nice to Meet You” and “Come Wit It” this month that might have you wondering why the commercial component of this genre even tries to equal the potency of the underground pulse in 2021, if not for the length of recent history. This isn’t an artist who has any time for the fleeting trends his rivals are going to spend every waking moment trying to master and articulate into something somewhat their own – he’s out to express something real, and that’s what these two singles and their videos are all about.

John McCall

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