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Ink and Hard Work – An interview with Andres Guevara from Rosa Negra Tattoo

Opening a business of any kind is no small feat. There’s a million and one little things to take care of, stuff to get ready, inventory, permits…. the list is endless. And when it comes to establishments like tattoo parlors or shops, it’s even harder. Licenses for the artists, special waste containers… But that did not stop Andres Guevara and Sebastian Garcia from opening what is now firmly turning into one of the most popular tattoo shops in Miami. Rosa Negra Tattoo will be present at the Wynwood Tattoo Convention happening this weekend, (the 10th, 11th, and 12th of November) at Mana Convention center in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami.

We sat down with Andres to talk a little about how he got into his profession and more.

TML: As a tattoo artist, you have quite a few tattoos yourself. When did you get your first one?

Andres: In 2003,by Omar Gracias. A piece by the famous Swiss artist Giger.

TML: When and where did you start tattooing?

Andres: I started tattooing on December 26 2005, in Bogota Colombia. I began as an apprentice at Enigma Tattoo in Bogota.

TML: Wow, that’s a pretty exact date! What are or have been your favorite tattoo styles?

Andres: I like all styles of tattoos, every style has something I can always learn from and surpass myself.  The styles that I most work with nowadays are watercolor, classic Japanese and blackwork.

TML: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an artist?

Andres: I always challenge myself to continue evolving my art, to become a better artist. Another big challenge is being able to interpret a customer’s idea, and to transfer that into a drawing that they are going to be happy to wear on their skin for the rest of their life.

TML: Is Rosa Negra Tattoo the first shop you’ve opened?

Andres: Yes, it is the first time I own a shop. We opened the doors early this year, and we are slowly but surely gathering a following.

TML: I’ve found a lot of very positive reviews online, a lot of happy people. What is it that sets Rosa Negra Tattoo apart from the rest?

Andres: What makes us different is the hospitality we provide, the way we connect with our customers and specialize in creating unique ideas for our clients. We love what we do and we love working with people, with their ideas and making their desires come to life. Coffee,video games and such are available, and we like to be open and chat with our guests. Because that is what they are, when they are in the store for ink, they are guests as much as they are clients. I think that makes a good impression.

TML: What are some tattoo artists that inspire you?

Andres: My current influences are Felipe Rodrigues, Victor Montaguini, and Fredão Oliveira. My biggest influence has been Omar Gracia, he is the person that introduced me to the Tattoo world and has been my mentor since the beginning.

TML: Do you have any special plans for the upcoming Wynwood Tattoo Convention? Are you working on any specific pieces?

Andres: Yeah, I’ll be tattooing all 3 days of the convention, and I am trying to finish one of my favorite pieces (that I have been working on for the past 2 months) on the last day of the convention. I’ll post photos of the entire weekend on my Instagram.


And, not to be ones to talk about someone, or interview people without witnessing their art first hand, Flor Frances, founder of Too much Love Magazine sat down in Andres’ chair and now on her arm is living proof that Andres has, if anything, been humble about his skills when he talks to people. And we have photos to prove it.

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